Making floors safe, even when wet

Not all floors that are wet are slippery.


Floors that are slippery-when-wet do not necessarily need to be replaced.


You can have floors that are safe-when-wet.


Slips are not inevitable.


We can turn your floors from being extremely slippery when wet (as measured by the pendulum test) into being slip-resistant enough to provide less than a 1 in 1,000,000 accident risk exposure.


Often this can be achieved through an effective, professional deep clean. Many floors are inherently slip-resistant but become slippery over time due to ineffective cleaning and maintenance.


In other cases, when a floor is inherently slippery-when-wet or perhaps when it has been worn smooth over time, we can treat the floor to increase its wet slip resistance. Depending on the floor type, there are various ways to achieve this.