Our methodology
(Six Steps to Slip Safety)

We have a systemised approach to solving clients’ slip safety issues using our Six Steps to Slip Safety Model.


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floor inspection

“What gets measured gets managed”

Unless you can specifically quantify areas for potential improvement, it’s almost impossible to drive change and results. When it comes to slip safety, 50% of the Six Sources of Slips relates to the floor surface. We can measure the slip resistance of the floor, including the effect of contamination and cleaning on it, by undertaking a pendulum test.


The quantitative data produced in the pendulum testing, added to other quantitative and qualitative information gathered during a Slip Safety Survey, enables us to build a picture of where your risks lie and what can be done to mitigate them.

This means you can make informed decisions.

Once you have this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about which of the Six Sources of Slips you should be seeking to improve, how to do that, and how we can help.

Output – you have the right data to make the right choices

Safety & risk management

floor sealing

Depending on your needs, we might recommend practical services that we can offer such as deep cleaning, sealing or anti-slip treatments in order to bring your floor up to the required level of slip safety.

Other aspects of the Six Sources could also be worked upon: we might recommend some changes to the environment (for example changing or extending entrance matting), there may be human factors that could be improved (can we change tasks that staff perform to reduce their risk?) and footwear could also be a useful control measure.

Whatever we implement with you, it’s all about proving and – where at all possible – measuring and quantifying the steps you’ve taken to physically make your building safer and thereby reducing the risk day-in, day-out.


Any changes that are made need to be sustained over time to have the right impact. It’s no good laying a new, textured, anti-slip floor if you diamond polish it and make it smooth, it’s no good giving staff anti-slip footwear if they for whatever reason don’t wear them, it’s no good having an anti-slip treatment if you don’t align your daily cleaning methodology to the new surface.

Where we undertake some of our floorcare work, we return every 6 months to conduct a Planned Preventative Floor Maintenance visit. This includes a thorough deep clean of the floor to remove any contamination that may have built-up over the prior months…


Our PPM visit also includes further pendulum testing and recertification of the floor’s slip safety. This enables you to monitor the effectiveness of the floor over time.

You should also be monitoring other KPIs such as incident rates, near misses etc. A qualitative measurement of the floor’s cleanliness can serve as a good bellwether for any potential issues: of the floor starts to look a big grubby, it’s likely that contamination has built-up which could compromise the slip safety.

There is a continuous, virtuous circle of improve – maintain – monitor to ensure that your slip safety levels sustain where you want and need them to be for the long-term. 

Output – you have safer environments and typically see a 50%+ reduction in slip accidents


insurance slip

Being able to demonstrate this full methodology is invaluable when it comes to any claims that may arise:

  • Outsourcing aspects of your H&S delivery to a specialist recommended by leading insurers and other stakeholders clearly shows you take safety seriously.
  • Too many businesses have never had a pendulum test, or some that have do not do so regularly. The fact you have taken proactive steps shows you in a very good light.
  • A pendulum test from 2+ years ago carries little weight in court because inherently the test only captures a moment in time. Having a regular stream of tests showing good results is incredibly valuable to document that your systems are working.

Output – you are able to defend more claims for lower amounts

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