Why is periodic floor maintenance important?

Just as your car requires an annual MOT and service, plus the oil and water to be changed, so do floors require periodic maintenance intervention to keep them at their best day-in, day-out, month-in, month-out.


We typically work with clients on a Planned Preventative Maintenance basis, visiting every 6-12 months to provide a professional uplift in standards and/or safety:

Maintenance of standards day-in, day-out without some kind of periodic intervention is extremely challenging, particularly in a world where:

  • Competition of daily cleaning companies is rife; there will always be someone willing to do the work cheaper
  • Procurement has a larger role ever making contracts more about price than ever
  • Knowledge and expertise has drained out of the cleaning industry over the last decade


Supplementing a daily cleaning regime with a periodic deep clean gives the best of both worlds:

  • Guarantees a certain standard at particular times of the year
  • Makes daily operations the maintenance of that standard, rather than trying to do cleaning
  • Therefore keeps daily costs down to reasonable levels